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Are you having cold feet too?

Posted by: Sreenath A V | March 30, 2016

Every time someone brings up the ‘Cloud,’ does your mind rush towards all the things that might go wrong – security, control over critical business applications, customization and extensions, latency, compliance impact on how you manage it?

Agility with Collaborative Manufacturing

Posted by: Sreenath A V | December 04, 2013

Today, manufacturing represents 17% of global GDP and continues to be a key economic driver worldwide1. Although technology and globalization have transformed the space, giant manufacturing enterprises face quite a few problems on the integration and agility fronts.

Emerging trends in Indian healthcare - Technology to become a Core Function

Posted by: Sreenath A V | September 11, 2012

Technology will be a game changer in the manner in which healthcare services will be delivered in India. The private sector will be the major driving force behind technology adoption in the Indian healthcare segment. To optimize costs and effectively manage operations, IT solutions will become an integral part of process management, patient care and the management information system (MIS) in hospitals. With the health insurance sector poised for major growth in the coming decade, increasing demand from this sector for more efficient systems for storage and retrieval of information will put pressure on hospitals and other healthcare providers to imbibe technology to modernize existing infrastructure.