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Saving the Day Online – Humans and Technology for Trust and Safety

Posted by: Siddharth Goli | July 31, 2017

Social web has powered new and innovative ways of sharing information, expertise, goods and services. Albeit appealing, the community has its perceived fears of the internet in all its darkness.

Discrepancies in Advertising Billing: Technology to the Rescue

Posted by: Siddharth Goli | July 31, 2017

With a potential worldwide spending of $335 billion by 2020, digital advertising continues to be an evolving industry as breakthrough technologies, ever-changing platforms, and different pricing methods continue to push its boundaries.

Leveraging Audience Intelligence to Power up Decision Making in the Media Industry

Posted by: Siddharth Goli | April 20, 2017

Are you a media executive who wants to get into the audiences' heart and mind to know what they are thinking about right now, what they currently want from you and what they are expecting from you in the future?