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Living in the Times of Lurking Cyber Threats

Posted by: Sheetal Mehta | June 09, 2014

‘Crossing the bridge when we come to it’ is not a wise thing to do, at least when it comes to cybersecurity. Two retailers learnt this the hard way when millions of their shoppers’ credit cards were compromised due to data breaches.

How secure are your services?

Posted by: Sheetal Mehta | December 30, 2013

Organizations are going down a more collaborative route when it comes to investing in their future. Companies everywhere are looking at cloud as a serious future investment, and will have to re-think the way their businesses are structured in terms of processes, architectures, and practices to emulate those of leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, or

Cloud Services Adoption: Enterprises are making the move

Posted by: Sheetal Mehta | November 07, 2013

Cloud services are going places. According to UK Consultant Ovum, businesses that were previously hesitant to adopt cloud services due to security concerns (like financial services), are now singing a different tune with capital markets all set to jump onto the cloud bandwagon