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Demand Shift - Fuel for the Dragon and the Elephant

Posted by: Shashidhar GV | March 07, 2013

Adam Smith’s demand and supply theory in The Wealth of Nations could not have been clearer with the current scenario in the O&G industry. In recent release; The Economic Times states that over 10 million new cars were added to the roads in China in 2010 alone. Add to that the -“Bursting at its infrastructure seams’- Indian economy and you will see demand for energy like never before. Barack Obama says it without mincing words-“Increased use of energy resources by fast growing economies like India, China and Brazil is driving the global oil and gas demand”.

Business Landscape

Going the Unconventional Energy Route

Posted by: Shashidhar GV | November 27, 2012

Every drop counts, a statement never rang truer in today’s energy starved world. As the world economy grows relentlessly, it is imperative to identify alternative means of fuel. As oil resources are depleted in the rush to get to the last drop; technological investments need to be made that enable faster and deeper drilling than ever before.

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Digital Oil fields – saving the energy economy

Posted by: Shashidhar GV | October 26, 2012

A recent report by ExxonMobil projected that global energy demand will be about 30 percent higher in the year 2040 than it was in 2010. Another report places this figure at 17 billion tons of oil equivalents by 2035. Developing economies of India and China alone are expected to account for half of this growth.

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Merge, Consolidate or Acquire - Emergence of Super-Consolidated Operating Companies (SCOC’s) and International Owner Companies (IOC’s)

Posted by: Shashidhar GV | October 09, 2012

I believe effective risk management lies at the heart of the difference between good businesses and great businesses. Fifteen percent of the Global Fortune 500 are mega-energy companies. The size and scale of some of these companies dwarfs that of entire industries and yet their supply situation at best is unnerving. PWC in its O&G report card notes that by 2050 the current demand of 200+ million barrels per day is expected to double. To sustain this outcry of demand from consumers, the industry needs to establish energy sources and ensure supplies that are sustainable, affordable and most importantly; can mitigate risk effectively with better access to technology and asset bases.