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Risk Stratification in Patient Centric Models

Posted by: Shalini Sharad | September 09, 2015

A patient centric environment requires harmonious relations between the patient and the health care providers. Working through patient advocacy groups is an efficient way for pharma to interact with patients to get their opinions, feedback and also increase their involvement in the trials and treatment processes.

Will the Healthcare Information Technology Meet Stakeholder Expectations?

Posted by: Shalini Sharad | June 16, 2014

The Accountable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare as it is popularly known may be a source of political divisiveness in the US, but I am more interested in how the reforms under the act will shape the healthcare landscape, and more importantly, how it will impact the patients.

The Role of Analytics in the Life Sciences Industry

Posted by: Shalini Sharad | June 25, 2013

Gone are the days when people used to walk into hospitals only when they fell ill. Today's 'smart' customers have health information available at their fingertips. They are looking at expert advice and proactive care from the health industry.