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What’s in a name? Product vs. Solution

Posted by: Shaju Nair | September 22, 2010

“Are we building Products or are we building Solutions?”A question that I get asked quite often. And in turn, I borrow my answer from the great author Shakespeare.

Product Management within a Services Company

Posted by: Shaju Nair | August 05, 2010

I have been asked many a time if Product Management within a Services company is any different from that at a Products company. And my answer has always been a big, emphatic NO. Having been involved with setting up Wipro’s Product Management function, I’ve realized that the basic tenets of Product Management are very much applicable within a Services context. Once individuals get into the habit of cultivating an idea, nurturing it and taking it to fruition, it becomes second nature to them. Given any new problem, they start looking at whether there are others who face the same problem and if there is a way to address most of the needs through one solution. And that is the essence of Product Management. As a result, the product managers I’ve hired from across the industry (and they come from “products” companies) have had very minimal challenges settling down into the organization and start being productive.

Transforming Solutions – The Productized Way

Posted by: Shaju Nair | July 21, 2010

The concept of productization within an IT Services company, may, at first, sound counter-intuitive. However, at Wipro, we are very confident that this is going to be a key driver of our future growth. Wipro was quick enough to realize that linear growth is difficult to sustain, and that productization is the key to achieve non-linear growth and thus maintain our competitive edge. Wipro looks at productization as a broad spectrum. On one end of the spectrum are code-based products and on the other end are service products. While code-based products are easy to understand, service products are a combination of software, services and infrastructure.