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Inside eHealth

Posted by: Selvakumar Chinnasamy | September 27, 2011

eHealth is an emerging healthcare concept that leverages electronic processes and communication to manage healthcare information. It primarily involves simplifying processes, communication and transactions within and between healthcare institutions and professionals through information and telecommunications technologies.

Moving Healthcare Payer BPO Services up the Value Chain

Posted by: Selvakumar Chinnasamy | May 10, 2011

Healthcare Payer BPO operations have mainly focused on the operational side of the Payer business with specific focus on improving the efficiency of the process. Some of the key business processes include claims processing, contact center, enrollment, and data entry. The BPO participation has tremendously increased the efficiency and brought down the cost of the process on a high scale for the Payers who have participated in this space because of cost arbitration. But in light of the recent regulatory changes, BPO service providers have to move beyond the traditional lift and shift. The focus instead should be on enhancing the processes in areas like the opportunities that have been brought in by the Healthcare reform legislations. By focusing on the following areas, the BPO space can directly contribute to the core of the business areas like utilizations and as well contribute to the operating margin of the payers.