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Agile Business Intelligence (BI) & Big Data

Posted by: Robert Bates | August 18, 2015

Industries across domains are facing tremendous pressure of keeping up with the pace at which business environments are evolving – especially with respect to customer demands, market places, business models and product life cycles. What this has translated into is a need for capabilities that provide rapid data analysis with the speed, flexibility and accuracy.

Unraveling Big Data from the EDW

Posted by: Robert Bates | July 10, 2015

We all suffer from the propensity to create order out of chaos.This extends to the unruly dimensions of big data when we have such a familiar structure at hand in the ever faithful Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).

Can Need-Based Consumerism be profitable for Cloud Services

Posted by: Robert Bates | June 30, 2015

Cloud computing has become a ubiquitous term inclusive of everything an IT services organization can provide. From storage space to processing power, CRM systems to email managers; a cloud service provider can be anyone, with any portfolio of technology assets, delivering consumer driven services to the largest of enterprises down to individual subscriber.

Should ISV's adopt cloud?

Posted by: Robert Bates | July 17, 2014

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV) then you’ve probably considered moving your current solution or brand new solutions to the cloud.

SMAC in Gaming - A stud or a dud

Posted by: Robert Bates | July 16, 2014

The multi-billion dollar video game industry has been a leader in the adoption of exciting technologies. While the amazing visuals and entertaining play are the hallmarks of the industry, video games, and their developers are influencing several technology trends as well as cutting new paths in the use immersive computing.

Key considerations for ISVs moving to the cloud

Posted by: Robert Bates | April 25, 2014

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) then you’ve probably already considered moving your current solution or brand new solutions to the cloud.

Nomadism and the Impact on IT Spending

Posted by: Robert Bates | January 29, 2014

Gartner and many more analyst firms are downscaling their total forecast of IT spend moving from the last quarters of 2013 into 2014. While some notable companies will obviously increase their spend in IT for growth or refresh, there seems to be a general underlying message that virtualization and density of systems or software are reducing the demand for PC’s and low end servers.

Mobility and the Bionic Employee - The future?

Posted by: Robert Bates | January 08, 2014

The promise of mobility has yet to be fully realized, but the emerging class of super human, bionic information workers will inspire a leap forward in opportunity and challenge.