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Blockchain: Separating Hope from Hype

Posted by: Ramesh Babu | February 26, 2016

Unless you had been completely locked out or have unplugged yourself over the past year, it is impossible that you would have missed out the noise around Blockchain. So what is a Blockchain? Blockchain is a new technology that has become mainstream in the financial services world.

5 Defining Banking Trends to Watch Out for in 2016 and Beyond

Posted by: Ramesh Babu | February 19, 2016

Banking and Financial Services industry is undergoing a massive change. A change that is far reaching in many aspects. A change that has the potential to shake the very foundations on which they had been built and operating so far. And it is mostly due to the emergence of changed consumer expectations driven by technology and a lot because of their nonchalant attitude of these institutions towards customers at large.