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Running with utilities in 2014-15: the faultless marathon with partners

Posted by: Rajpal Gohar | April 11, 2014

Until recently, most of us didn’t even know the name of the utility company proving us water, gas or power. That is changing.

Key IT Issues around Customer Service - privacy, security and ownership of data

Posted by: Rajpal Gohar | August 15, 2013

Changes are taking place in the utility industry with the roll-out of smart meters, use of Big Data, cloud services, self-service customer portals and mobile devices. All these new channels present a huge opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell to customers. However, the quality of customer service remains a key issue. Privacy, security and ownership of customer data are challenges that the industry faces on a much larger scale now than before. Maintaining data integrity across multiple channels of customer interaction is key.