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Analytics on Trial - the use of Analytics in Global Clinical trials

Posted by: Rajeshwar D Mitra (RD) | March 07, 2012

Although outsourcing providers have been offering analytics services for the last 15 years, it is only now that we are seeing a renewed and sustained interest in analytics. The scope of buyers has also increased with interest for analytics now coming from across functions like procurement, marketing and finance, apart from the traditional ‘quants’ and certain specialized functions.

Cloud speeds up clinical trials

Posted by: Rajeshwar D Mitra (RD) | March 05, 2012

A recent Wipro and UMB Techweb study highlighted an emerging trend in the pharma and life sciences domain – the growing popularity of developing markets as clinical test sites. This trend has arisen due to factors, such as faster time to market, lower R&D costs etc.

Clinical research trials find new homes in emerging markets

Posted by: Rajeshwar D Mitra (RD) | December 13, 2011

Several factors have contributed to an 8.3% year-on-year growth in the global pharma market. Some of these are a flurry of M&A’s, demand for generic drugs in emerging countries, patent expiration giving impetus to the generic drug industry etc. While these factors have brought about immense opportunities globally, the path to harness these is laden with challenges.