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7 Must-Have Technology Solutions for Healthcare Companies

Posted by: Rahul Mattoo | January 08, 2015

The condition of a chronically-ill person deteriorates seriously and she is rushed to her regular hospital late in the night. The night staff however is unable to find her file. The doctor on duty, unaware that she is allergic to a particular drug administers it, with disastrous effects.

Why is Healthcare IT Expenditure Shooting Up?

Posted by: Rahul Mattoo | January 05, 2015

“Men have become the tools of their tools,” said Thoreau in the 19th century. What he would have made of today’s seemingly excessive dependence on technology is anybody’s guess. Well, I say that if today we’ve become the tools of the technology we’ve created, there is a strong underlying reason – they have helped us to become more efficient in our lives, both personal and professional.

Healthcare in the Next 5 Years: 4 Key Business Drivers

Posted by: Rahul Mattoo | December 30, 2014

New surgery technique gives man a new life”- This was a recent headline in a prominent daily. This ill man from a country that lacked the required medical facilities had almost given up on life when he heard about a private hospital in India that could help him out.