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Mobile App Testing – A key to supreme user experience

Posted by: Rahul Joshi | November 27, 2017

‘Supreme User Experience’ should be the primary goal of every business. One puts countless hours of efforts and substantial cost investments to ensure that their product/ service is perfect and glitch free. Mobile applications should provide end users the best-in-class user experience.

Transformation in Quality Engineering & Testing Organizations

Posted by: Rahul Joshi | June 12, 2017

Change has been the only constant in life for humanity. In modern businesses, things change at an exponential rate. With every passing day, there are new ideas, technologies and markets.

Effective Budgeting - A key pillar to successfully transition to Agile QA

Posted by: Rahul Joshi | October 26, 2016

Organizations across industry domains are witnessing their IT landscapes completely transform, owing to the shift from traditional software development models towards the much nimbler and flexible Agile methodology.