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Smarter Field Work Management Systems

Posted by: Radha Swaminathan | January 08, 2014

The global electricity business is poised for a transformation given the recent innovations in the smart grid technologies. The major elements of this transformation will be initiated by a wide scale deployment of net-zero residential generation, demand driven community micro-grids and cost efficient commercial renewable energy. This change presents fresh opportunities for local utilities to extend services by exploiting existing customer base, vendor relationships, processes, systems and fieldwork technologies.

The Four Pillars of Utility Transformation

Posted by: Radha Swaminathan | September 26, 2013

Traditionally, large monopolistic utilities with assured revenue streams and captive markets had little incentive to change. However, deregulation, consolidation and globalization have altered the environment, pushing the utilities sector into a more dynamic, market-driven landscape. How can the sector transform itself in the face of rapid innovations in the industry?