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Ducati Desmosound and Containerized Microservices

Posted by: Praveen Kodikkambrath | August 14, 2017

Some of us know that the distinctive sound that the Ducati motorbikes produce is patented. And it is named as ‘Desmosound’.

Launching an Enterprise 'Cloud' Spacecraft

Posted by: Praveen Kodikkambrath | April 20, 2017

It is interesting to observe small cloud companies visually represent their products/services in their websites or brochures to win over enterprise customers.

Internet of Things and India - Opportunities Galore in Chaos

Posted by: Praveen Kodikkambrath | February 08, 2016

Technology thrives on discipline. The developed world recognized it very early and a majority of people in it were machine-savvy before the 1970s. Discipline of using technology goes along with civic discipline too. India, on the other hand, struggles with discipline in every aspect – civic, technological, political as well as in structuring thoughts.