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Role of Manufacturing Analytics in Pharma

Posted by: Prasad Shyam | July 02, 2013

Patent protected, blockbuster drugs, large sales, high margins may soon be a thing of the past for many Pharma companies. Already, generic drugs account for 85% of the prescriptions written in the U.S. each year. According to The Economist, drugs that account for $170 billion in annual revenues will be off-patent protection by 2015 and will be open to competition from generic versions.

Maximizing the Value of Data

Posted by: Prasad Shyam | April 29, 2013

The historical dependence of manufacturing on spreadsheets is changing. Spreadsheets haven't yet gone out of fashion but they are certainly under threat! Select manufacturers are capitalizing on data, maximizing its value, leading to significant transformation in their manufacturing operations. These manufacturers, who are currently in a minority, are leading the way by replacing their trusted spreadsheets with modern data management tools and analytics practices. The recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey, 2013, commissioned by Wipro Technologies called 'The Data Directive' showed that five out of six manufacturers do not have appropriate data management strategies to help improve the quality of their decision-making. If your business is one out of six that does have a data management strategy, congratulations -- you are ahead of the curve!