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Powering up your IoT initiatives: What should a utility look for?

Posted by: Prakash Menon | January 13, 2016

Over the last year or two, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been gaining ground as the ‘next big thing’. While the term ‘IoT’ itself is being recognized within utilities, the idea of IoT isn’t exactly new to the industry. Utilities have already invested almost a decade in installing and connecting all kinds of devices to monitor to improve operations and reliability of services.

Banking on Big Data for new revenue streams

Posted by: Prakash Menon | September 29, 2015

Big Data is being leveraged by a variety of industries to solve seemingly intractable problems, lowering operational costs, addressing regulatory scrutiny, and meeting emerging customer demands and wedging open new revenue opportunities.

Immersive Visualization: Turn your data into an amazing story teller

Posted by: Prakash Menon | July 21, 2015

It’s easy to connect two dots. Or 20. Or even 200. What happens when you need to connect upwards of 200,000 dots? It could be just a confused mess of lines, straining our ability to make sense of the emerging pattern.

A problem of data deluge for the oil & gas (O&G) industry

Posted by: Prakash Menon | July 21, 2015

Can too much of a thing be a problem? Even for a veteran data generator like the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry, the growth in data is posing serious questions. Luckily, this also offers plenty of opportunities to explore new avenues of growth.