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Redefining Analytics by Migrating Data to Cloud

Posted by: Pon Prabakaran Shanmugam | May 10, 2017

One of the critical factors that influence decision making when it comes data project initiative is the additional infrastructure that needs to be housed in the data center.

Composite Data Platform Architecture - Is it a necessity?

Posted by: Pon Prabakaran Shanmugam | February 10, 2017

Data architecture, similar to Application or Infrastructure architecture has been evolving rapidly due to innovation and speed of adoption.

Performance Engineering in Data Platform

Posted by: Pon Prabakaran Shanmugam | October 12, 2016

The importance and significance of a data warehouse is a topic which is not discussed in the technology forum anymore as almost every organization – small or big – understands the business value that the data storage and analytics platform brings.

Micro Service Based Data Warehouse Architecture

Posted by: Pon Prabakaran Shanmugam | February 24, 2016

The emergence of cloud computing and integration patterns is not only disrupting existing integration nomenclature but also makes us rethink the way we do integration. When the rest of the enterprise architecture is being taken by micro services based architecture storm, one aspect of enterprise architecture which is still not disturbed is the data warehouse architecture.

Data Model in the World of Big Data

Posted by: Pon Prabakaran Shanmugam | September 30, 2015

The Data Modeling as a trade has been practiced in the IT world for many decades. As a concept, data model is a process to arrive at the diagram by exploring the data in question and getting a deep understanding of the data.

Real Time Data Access - Changing the way we use data appliance

Posted by: Pon Prabakaran Shanmugam | September 21, 2015

A recent trend that we see emerging in the data warehousing marketplace is the continued integration of data warehouses into the enterprise IT infrastructure. The need for integrated store of detailed data available – for both tactical and strategic business decision making – is finding wider acceptance across industries today.