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Digital Content Monetization Strategies

Posted by: Padmanabhan V | August 27, 2012

The publishing industry has reinvented itself to adapt to the pervasiveness of the Internet and the possibilities it offers for easier and faster delivery of content. Publishers have utilized the Internet in two ways to monetize content. They have sold their content utilizing a direct-to-consumer model, or made the content freely available online, depending upon advertising to achieve returns. Publishers have been largely successful in monetizing their content for so long as they had exclusivity over the content and the industry did not suffer from a significantly disruptive form of external competition. However, over the past few years publishers have begun to realize that ‘traditional’ digital content monetization approaches are under pressure due to various economic, social and technological factors within and outside the publishing industry. Therefore, the key to successfully monetize their content is to experiment with different models and constantly evolve.