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Generate more billing using Mobile Field Service

Posted by: Nixon Xavier | October 03, 2013

While visiting a client’s office last week, I ran into a technician from their office equipment service provider. While going about his work in servicing the printer/copier, the technician flipped his smartphone, scanned a couple of bar-codes, tapped the touchscreen a few times and appeared pleased when he saw a call coming in.

M2M - fasten your seat belt and get ready for a joy ride

Posted by: Nixon Xavier | February 28, 2013

Have you ever dreamed about having a personal chauffeur to drive you to the office in the morning so you can read your morning newspaper on your way? Well, your dream is almost here, thanks to Google! Google became the first company to get a license for driverless car, now you just get into the car, give your steering to technology, get out the morning paper and read. After few minutes you will be in front of your office and no worries about traffic, line change or a slow driver on the road! All of this is possible only if you trust technology and are ready to pass your control to machine. All of this made possible by M2M (Machine-to-Machine) sensors.

Go green using SAP visual enterprise

Posted by: Nixon Xavier | February 27, 2013

Mobilization can bring enablement, innovation and transformation to an industry or business. Out of these three, transformation is a very rare process. But when it happens, it can make a quantum leap. Zipcar is an example of a transformation triggered by mobility in the car rental business. Mobility opens up new areas to explore and new opportunities to innovate.

SAP’s Enterprise Mobile App Stores

Posted by: Nixon Xavier | May 04, 2012

Taking a leaf from the hugely successful App store of Apple, SAP recently launched an Enterprise App Store (EAS), with a range of new enterprise apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Mobile, built on the company’s Sybase Unwired mobile platform.

Mobile-enabling the enterprise data

Posted by: Nixon Xavier | April 30, 2012

The world’s mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion by 2015, says a January 2012 study by IDC. This represents 37.2% of the total workforce. A projected 10 billion mobile connected devices by 2020 compared to mere 100 million PCs in 1993, will add more complexity in mobile enabling enterprise data. Adoption of enterprise mobility is not an option any more, it is a mandate.