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Technology for effective RTE implementation

Posted by: Narasinga Rao | January 08, 2013

Recently, the Government of India passed the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, which guarantees every child the right to full time free elementary education. While there are different opinions about the pros and cons of such legislation, we must recognize that the Act is here to stay. So it is prudent to look instead at solutions to ensure that the RTE is effective and well managed.

Inclusive Innovation

Posted by: Narasinga Rao | January 25, 2012

It is common knowledge that serving rural areas is fraught with unique challenges. The ongoing trial of various ICT technologies in the rural domain as part of an IIMB led consortium has been an enriching experience and has thrown up interesting insights. The innovation have been largely focused on the Health, Education, Agriculture and rural development sectors and are aimed at providing quality services to the Rural folks. These services could be anything…..timely delivery of income/caste/ land ownership certificates, basic health services, timely availability of seeds and fertilizers, adequate coaching in schools …etc. However it is naive to think that these issues will be solved by just innovating and trying out new technologies in these areas…

Social Communications… anybody ??

Posted by: Narasinga Rao | March 17, 2010

More and more vendors are coming up with Social Tools for enterprises. I was reading a blog by Blair Pleasant titled “IBM Integrates Unified Communications with Social Software” at IBM’s social offerings for the enterprise – Quickr and Connections are reportedly bringing benefits to companies adopting them. But still the thought lingers on how employees will be able to adjust to using these tools and ones similar from other vendors? How will employees be able to keep away from email and instead collaborate online instantaneously? How will the older generation in the organization adapt to these new social tools?

From UC To Collaboration

Posted by: Narasinga Rao | March 01, 2010

Some time back we were handed over the list of seven themes applicable for the current year at the CTO office. I looked at the impressive list but couldn’t find UC in it!! Where is UC?? I demanded… I was told “Don’t you see collaboration over there, that replaces UC”. I was a little taken aback, because I had associated my existence with UC and mobility and felt deprived for a moment. I felt (and still feel) that UC is more telecom’ish than Collaboration. I have been a telecom guy all along and hence the deprived feeling.