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Delighting our Clients' Customers with the Right Strategy

Posted by: Nagendra P. Bandaru | February 26, 2015

It’s the age of rising channel proliferation. It’s a multi-screen world. And it is imperative for businesses to meet customers’ demands and deliver a seamless, integrated experience across channels. And profit from it too.

They have Arrived!

Posted by: Nagendra P. Bandaru | August 29, 2011

Last week, we highlighted the pivotal role of telecom and the revitalization of the OEM and software industry. Before we could dwell on that topic further, today Google announced that it is buying Motorola Mobility solutions for a price of USD $ 12.5 billion. This is a monumental change and will set the tone for the future of the new connected industries.

Censere, metrics & the tailor

Posted by: Nagendra P. Bandaru | June 23, 2010

Maher Maso, Mayor of the City of Frisco in Texas was seen knocking every door with a slogan ‘’10/10’’ for the last few months in the Collin County. It takes 10 minutes to do the 2010 census of the United States of America. Maher was passionate, committed to seek responses from as many citizens as possible and extremely persistent on this subject. Many of the citizens didn’t even pay attention to census let alone bother. Census comes from the Latin word – ‘’Censere’’- when the Romans were the first to start counting the number of adult males fit for military service. The story of census is as old as the history of every country and thus every 10 years, every country in the world counts. I used to love Mathematics because numbers involving Math were always close to reliable as anything as could be, transparent, clean and immune to debate. For some of us numbers are lucky, they are even, they are prime, they are real and they are odd.

The standardization high!

Posted by: Nagendra P. Bandaru | May 20, 2010

A few days ago, during one of my travels, I had the opportunity to meet with the CFO of one of the largest lifestyle companies in the world. The company boasts a rich portfolio of brands spread across the globe. The operations are acutely decentralized, the go-to market is local with global operations, and the organization is agile in reacting to the changing needs of the consumer. However, in the wake of the current global economic changes, the CFO felt that the company needed to focus on efficiencies and saw tremendous benefits in standardization, centralization and consolidation; his earlier company reaped rich rewards through standardization. We had an interesting and stimulating discussion, after which I boarded the plane to return home.