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Omni-channel marketing – friend or enemy of the brick-and-mortar store?

Posted by: Mike Davies | November 08, 2012

The retail store as we recognize it today first emerged in the 1800s. These stores were the pioneers of creative advertising, fixed prices, window displays, and returnable or exchangeable goods’ polices. Since then, retailers have been building on the same principles to fulfill customer expectations at what was considered the very heart of retail – the Retail Store. Over the years, a great amount of attention and money has been devoted to key factors such as creating a stimulating environment, easy-to-navigate layouts, easy-to-see signage, knowledgeable and friendly staff interaction and of course in-store availability at the sharp end of the supply chain.

Are UK and European retailers really ready for the holidays?

Posted by: Mike Davies | October 03, 2012

All over Europe, Christmas offerings are traditionally in stores by mid-October. Historically this gave avid shoppers ten weeks to shop; and ten weeks to provide retailers with a significant proportion of their annual sales and an even higher percentage of annual profits.

The Olympics - A Retail Phenomenon

Posted by: Mike Davies | September 04, 2012

The greatest show on earth came to Great Britain; London welcomed thousands of the world’s best athletes, and millions of visitors, from all over the World.