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Digital marketing capabilities in retail banks - Segmentation and BI

Posted by: Meenu Bagla | July 25, 2013

Always a data-driven industry, the proliferation of digital and online channels has provided banks and financial companies with a huge avalanche of data. A recent Wipro-Efma survey found that banks are tapping into this resource to develop several digital marketing capabilities, such as segmentation and BI.

'Real' Digital Marketing in Retail Banking Industry - Data Management

Posted by: Meenu Bagla | June 27, 2013

Almost 15 years in the technology industry across the spectrum of multinational products to solution providers freshly funded by Silicon Valley, especially for Financial Services segment, has done more than greyed my hair. It has led to more grey cells than I thought I had. It’s interesting to see the shift in technology buying away from the CIO’s office (supposed to be temples of worship for most of us). Wisdom of research firms reveals that CMOs will be biggest technological buyers in the industry by 2015.