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Taking healthcare to the next level with predictive analytics

Posted by: Manish Jindal | February 12, 2018

Analytics is revolutionizing healthcare by enhancing the capability of medical practitioners in providing effective diagnosis and medical treatment, enhanced personalized care, and better patient outcomes.

Virtual Clothing: Shaping the future of fashion retail

Posted by: Manish Jindal | November 07, 2017

In a highly competitive world, retailers are constantly looking for innovative ideas to expand their business. Technology that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes is revolutionizing the shopping experience and bringing in new avenues for realizing enhanced customer satisfaction.

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How retailers can manage return fraud with analytics

Posted by: Manish Jindal | October 19, 2017

The retail market has been growing steadily over years with increasing vibrancy and dynamism. Due to high competition in the market today, almost every retailer (online and offline) has a policy around products return and exchange to ease out the purchase and enhance customer experience. This gives the customer a free hand to buy any product he or she likes and return or exchange it later for a reason. Both, the customer and the retailer benefit from this policy, as it allows customers to buy anything they like without much thought; on the other hand, it gives high volume of sales to retailers.