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Wipro’s Testing as a Service portal

Posted by: Mahesh Venkataraman | March 18, 2011

The response to the launch of Wipro’s Testing as a Service portal has been overwhelming from the "Testing Intelligentsia" like analysts and journalists. Since launch we have had several briefings with media and analyst community and there is a strong consensus that testing services needs to evolve precisely in the direction of ‘on demand, buy online and consume online’. There were quite a few questions on the kind of services that can be bought and consumed online. Also there were quite a few debate points on how to position this with the existing customers. Also there were quite a few discussions around what is the back end infrastructure to realize high degree of automation that is required for ‘self-service’. Finally, there was a consensus that testing as a service can be considered on par with other Business Process as a Service like Collaboration as a Service, Analytics as a Service etc.

Buying Testing as a Service online

Posted by: Mahesh Venkataraman | February 01, 2011

As I watched my travel itinerary emerge from the printer tray, I stopped to think how we have begun to take a lot of internet enabled conveniences for granted. I remember how, more than 15 years ago I had to drive down to Kaveri Bhavan at Bangalore and wait in the queue to get my Indian Airlines ticket; and God forbid have to make this pilgrimage again, if I needed any change in the itinerary. Today every conceivable service or a product purchased through the net, it is all about enabling the end customer to make an informed buying choice and convenience to consume a product or a service. As the Wipro’s current marketing mantra goes, it is all about ‘doing business better’.

Testing: Cost or business value

Posted by: Mahesh Venkataraman | December 16, 2010

You may wonder why this blog’s title is not ‘RoI of testing’. RoI approach is defensive and retrospective and answers the question ‘why do I exist?’ It is a mathematical justification and is relevant during early stages in the maturity cycle of a business function. RoI has the connotation of a cost center and not a value center.In contrast the business value approach is proactive and asserts ‘I exist to provide these values’ and upfront states those values to the business. This approach is relevant when the function is mature and proven and does not need any further justification for existence. One can then go beyond justification to qualitative linkages to value.