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Is Cloud reshaping the ERP landscape?

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | July 17, 2013

As a wide variety of information technology services move to online offerings in the cloud, is it but a matter of time that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems will follow? I certainly think so. While ‘fringe’ ERP services like HR and CRM processes have moved to the cloud, core processes such as financial and supply chain operations have not followed suit as quickly.

Technology Trends

Driving productivity and efficiency in manufacturing operations through Mobility

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | August 27, 2012

The issues facing the manufacturing industry today are intense competition, shrinking margins, mass customization needs, productivity of workforce, innovative ways to market products and changing dynamics of user profile (read emergence of consumers in emerging markets). Manufacturers will increasingly look to harness technology to:

Organization Strategy

Leveraging scale to drive faster revenue growth

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | July 10, 2012

In his recent book, ‘The Breakout Nations’, author Ruchir Sharma analyses how GDP growth rates of countries tend to flatten out once the per-capita income levels hit a certain income range. He argues that the ‘low base’ effect that these countries benefited from, for faster economic growth, disappears and they struggle to keep pace with the faster economic growth of yester years. Does the same hypothesis hold good for corporations as well? Are companies that attain a certain size by revenue or employee count condemned to slower growth rates?

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Cloud trends in enterprise applications

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | June 20, 2012

The Enterprise B2B market is poised for a big change with a slew of new offerings hitting the market in the coming months. SaaS solutions in business process areas such as procurement, supplier management, supply chain management (SCM), warehouse and distribution management has been seeing a quiet shift to Cloud space.

Technology Trends

M2M Technologies Will Revolutionize Manufacturing

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | May 25, 2012

The Wikipedia defines Internet of things as ‘referring to uniquely identifiable objects (things) and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure‘. The idea started gaining more significance when objects in Supply Chains of manufacturers and retailers, defense equipment and high value objects were tagged with identification technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips which would transmit / receive RF signals containing information on tags, which could be digitized for information processing.

Technology Trends

IT Architectures in an era of intersecting mega trends

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | April 03, 2012

A recent ad from a technology storage vendor shows the intersection of two main streets named – Big Data and Cloud. It would not be a stretch of imagination to add intersection of another important street – mobility to the picture. It is increasingly clear that we are entering a zone of the intersecting mega trends that are going to drive the adoption of Enterprise technologies in the near future.

Business Landscape

Thriving in an Era of Massive Disruption

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | March 06, 2012

‘That used to be us‘ is the title of the now best-selling book from NY times’ Thomas Friedman and his co-author Micheal Mandelbaum. The premise of the book is based on how the dual converged trend of Globalization and Information Technology has influenced the economic fortunes of individuals, countries and geo-politics of the world. In particular, the book examines the impact of this trend on America and what it would take for the great country to continue to be a Super Power in the 21st century.

Technology Trends

Last Mile Excellence in Cloud Services

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | February 13, 2012

For an IT services company, the cloud presents an opportunity to cause transformational and disruptive potential to the traditional business model like no other technology in recent times. The changes the technology brings include – business model changes, new market positioning opportunities, and greater accessibility of services.

Business Landscape

Cloudburst in the IT services industry

Posted by: Madhavan Krishnan | January 10, 2012

While the financial turmoil of 2008 drove markets all over the world into a panicked frenzy, the IT industry has managed to weather the changes better than others. That said, the industry is now in a self-assessment mode.