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The Wow Factor in Establishing Brand Loyalty

Posted by: Kathleen Ulrich | November 12, 2013

As mentioned in my earlier blog on Cultivating Brand Loyalty, I am a huge fan of coffee. Now, the truth is that occasionally I have been tempted to trade in my loyalty to Starbucks for an artisan coffee chain. Maybe one day I will try out a ‘Third Wave Coffee’ or pop into ‘Harris + Hoole’ the next time I am in London. For the moment, give me my skinny latte at the local Starbucks.

Cultivating Brand Loyalty

Posted by: Kathleen Ulrich | September 02, 2013

I’ll go to extremes to get my coffee buzz from Starbucks even if it means driving five miles out of my way and past other coffee retailers. But I must have my grande skinny latte! And sometimes, if I stayed true to my healthy eating plan, I will reward myself with another Starbuck’s favourite – a blueberry scone. Yes I know, it is unreasonable, inexplicable and absurd. I know of people who, likewise, show an unyielding loyalty to Tim Hortons, Caribou or Lavazza.

IT - a brand unto itself?

Posted by: Kathleen Ulrich | March 08, 2012

Should IT function as a separate business function, and not merely as a support organization? Diversey’s Brent Hoag thinks so. Hoag is the vice president and chief information officer (CIO) at Diversey, a leading business-to-business provider of institutional cleaning and sanitation solutions.