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What will the Job Descriptions of tomorrow look like?

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | March 02, 2018

How to stay relevant in the job market with the advent of crowdsourcing and automation

Content is king…but context is everything

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | February 01, 2018

With all advancements, how HMI is on its way to provide friction-less interactions between man and machine

Can you make a trust fall with AI?

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | December 18, 2017

We trust an auto-pilot landing, but not an autonomous vehicle as much. How will the trust for AI evolve?

Who is the real master?

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | October 31, 2017

AI and robotics have ventured into almost all parts of our lives. How long before they do everything?

Innovation through combination of technologies

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | October 30, 2017

Historically, the most disruptive and long-lasting products were not built through a single, emergent technology.

The cobot revolution is coming

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | September 13, 2017

How collaborative robots (cobots) will revolutionize manufacturing in Industry 4.0

That Awesome Hyphen between Man and Machine

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | August 10, 2017

A combination of man and machine is more effective than either but itself

4 ways in which Artificial Intelligence would assist enterprises of tomorrow

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | March 24, 2015

Last year an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system finally cleared the Turing test – a test where humans interacts with a machine and is unable to differentiate if they are actually interacting with a machine or a fellow human being.

Wearables – Endless Possibilities for Enterprise

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | February 18, 2015

Wearables have become a buzz word and were a major attraction in the CES 2014. Wearables in general comprise of devices having miniature sensors embedded in them that could be worn as accessories. They can be worn as glasses, as wristbands, necklace, soles etc.

The key to anticipating customer needs

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | July 25, 2012

An enterprise must consistently aim to meet the expectations of its customers. Actionable understanding of customer expectations can be enabled by data. Customer profiles, preferences, behavior and sentiment analysis, when accurately contextualized, facilitate an understanding of what an enterprise should perform as the Next Best Action.

Mobility is the new normal

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | June 14, 2012

No longer do you hear the question – should the enterprise be mobile-enabled or not? The answer has moved out of the realm of debate, to a resounding ‘Yes!’ While enterprise data security is still a valid concern, companies now have to embrace the fact that consumerization of IT is here to stay, and that the benefits overshadow the challenges. The new IT challenge is not how to limit and deny, but to embrace and help manage hybrid choices, and ultimately deploy a guided model that leads to application productivity for the enterprise and the employee.

Knowledge is Power - Reaping the Benefits of Big Data

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | March 22, 2012

The amount of data streaming into businesses has been growing exponentially for years, and there is no sign that this explosive growth will slow down in the near future. Savvy organizations who can leverage this data to their advantage will gain many benefits for their businesses – deeper insights in customer behavior, competitor tracking, operational efficiencies, and many more.

Analytics - More important by the day

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | March 07, 2012

Although outsourcing providers have been offering analytics services for the last 15 years, it is only now that we are seeing a renewed and sustained interest in analytics. The scope of buyers has also increased with interest for analytics now coming from across functions like procurement, marketing and finance, apart from the traditional ‘quants’ and certain specialized functions.

The Data Explosion – Taming Big Data through Information Management

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | January 02, 2012

Parallel to expansion in service offerings of IT companies, there is growth in another environment – the data environment. The volume of data is practically exploding by the day. Not only this, the data that is available now in becoming increasingly unstructured.

Mobilization of Enterprises – Challenges & Opportunities

Posted by: K.R. Sanjiv | November 29, 2010

With the proliferation of mobile technology, there is an increasing convergence of computers and telecommunication devices along with numerous applications traditionally accessed through computers. This convergence is the primary driving force behind the e-Mobility trend. Mobile banking, entertainment, and marketing are increasingly shaping the business paradigm shift to e-Mobility among enterprises.As the “mobilization” of enterprises grows from simple independent applications to more complex processes, a host of new challenges emerge.