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Medical devices: The Trend of M2M connectivity

Posted by: Jyotirmay Datta | July 04, 2013

The medical devices industry has traditionally allowed much of the data it collects to go unused. However, it is now waking up to the opportunities and is beginning to consider the possible benefits of investing in M2M data analytics. In addition, policy incentives, pressure to deliver more with less and fixing accountability for care is transforming the healthcare industry and driving a renewed interest in leveraging M2M data.

Can Remote Monitoring Boost Device Manufacturers' Bottom Line?

Posted by: Jyotirmay Datta | September 27, 2012

Manufacturers of healthcare devices have typically devoted a significant portion of their resources to post-market services, to ensure the devices perform as intended and with maximum uptime. A large segment of the post-market service cash outlay goes to deploying field service engineers to provide services on site. This is mostly done because of two reasons: first, unavailability of an alternative and second, many manufacturers believe that on-site service enhances customer satisfaction.

Emerging Trends in the Medical Devices Industry

Posted by: Jyotirmay Datta | January 06, 2011

The trends are different in different geographies, as the value sought by the consumers and the market drivers remain unique. The demand for medical equipment from emerging countries will outpace demand from developed countries in the next 5 years. While the U.S. and Europe markets are growing at 7-8% a year, Indian and Chinese markets are growing at 25% a year.