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Four Strategies to be a Digital Marketing Leader

Posted by: John Rossi | September 09, 2014

I remember, a few years ago, digital marketing was mainly a website-related activity; a mere adjunct to a company’s marketing efforts. Today, I would say it includes all activities that provide information to consumers via digital tools, never mind the channel.

Mobility - A Bridge between CG Companies and Retailers?

Posted by: John Rossi | March 19, 2014

Consumer goods (CG) companies may be increasingly going Direct to Consumer, but the Wipro CGT survey has shown that currently, retailers and distributors contribute 76 percent to CG company revenues.

Digital transformation: A CG perspective

Posted by: John Rossi | February 27, 2014

A company redesigning its warehouse replaces its handhelds, laptops and back office computers with a smart device, priced at $1500 or thereabouts. The same company leverages digital tools to not only predict but also proactively push slow-moving merchandise via loyalty programs and personalized offers. These are clearly instances of digital transformation.

360 degree view of the Customer: Mobility unlocking the true potential

Posted by: John Rossi | February 12, 2014

A distiller of alcoholic beverages wants to leverage mobility for improving sales. The company decides to issue mobile coupons to their registered app users aged above 21 years.

The Expiry Date and the Consumer: Consumer confusions and how to address them

Posted by: John Rossi | July 18, 2011

Confused about the expiry dates on the food products you buy? Tying yourselves up in knots agonizing over your purchase? Welcome to the club! Figuring out whether to buy looking at the “best by” or “use by” can confound even the smartest of shoppers!! World over consumers are defining an integral part of the retail industry—optimum shelf life management.“Use by, best by and sell by” dates are supposed to help consumers make good decisions about what to buy, especially when it comes to food, what to consume and what to throw away. But consumers find these codes more confusing than helpful causing them to discard food products which may still be fit for consumption.