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Manufacturing: Ready To Leverage AI in the Near Term

Posted by: John Ashley D'Souza | April 11, 2017

A recent IDC report said that the market for cognitive/AI solutions will experience a compound annual growth rate of 55.1% over 2016-2020i.

Engineering the Enterprise IT to be Industrial Internet Ready

Posted by: John Ashley D'Souza | June 01, 2015

Ever since the term industrial internet emerged to indicate the extended reach of the internet to machines, it has revolutionized ideas on making industrial operations, maintenance, supply chain and production more connected and collaborative.

The paradigm shift needed in IT for manufacturers

Posted by: John Ashley D'Souza | September 15, 2014

Manufactures today still continue to run IT in a project mode under project P&Ls. The cost of running IT within the manufacturing industry is therefore not efficient. This approach has led to building IT capabilities that are disparate and redundant. It inhibits business agility and a synergetic working model. Some of the top manufacturers are however an exception to this observation.