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Capturing the Opportunity in Mobile Business Applications

Posted by: Joe Zurawski | January 15, 2013

A recent study by Global Industry Analysts showed that the enterprise mobility market is still going strong and will reach $174 billion by 2017. This growth was further corroborated by a survey we conducted among 161 senior business and IT leaders in North America, where we found that more than 85 percent anticipate Enterprise Mobility Applications (EMAs) will add value to the work performed by employees.

The Enterprise Smart Store

Posted by: Joe Zurawski | September 21, 2012

Enterprise Mobility Applications (EMAs) are one of the biggest trends across tech industry investment and innovation, even outpacing the cloud computing trend, according to a recent Forrester report. Some companies are using collaborative EMAs from enterprise software providers to move business applications like workflow automation from the office to smart mobile devices. Still others are exploring how IT and Product Development teams can use innovation techniques to create Transformational EMAs that will reinvent critical business processes.