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How the Communications Industry can Capitalize on Enterprise Mobility Applications

Posted by: Jan Timothy Woodcock | August 23, 2012

So far, Enterprise Mobility Applications (EMA) development has lagged behind the growth of consumer apps. However, that is now changing. Informational EMAs-for example, remote access to supply chain management reports-are becoming commonplace; and many companies have moved up the development ladder to embrace Collaborative EMAs, such as mobile sales presentations, that combine the portability of Cloud computing with the interactive and graphical capabilities of tablets.

Are you at the competitive edge of mobility?

Posted by: Jan Timothy Woodcock | February 27, 2012

Enterprise Mobile Applications (EMAs) are transforming the way we work and run our businesses. Organizations that succeed with EMAs will gain a competitive edge. Those that fail will risk obsolescence in a world of always-on, always-on-the-move business functionality.