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Customer Opinion' is not a fair game

Posted by: Jaisundar Venkat | February 23, 2015

Poor customer centricity shows up glaringly at customer touch-points and is easy to spot and explain. But, sometimes, unfortunately, it can get phenomenally bad. As a customer, we have all had those times when a particular experience has been so singularly and unbelievably bad

Why Customer Satisfaction will be a meaningless goal in 2015

Posted by: Jaisundar Venkat | February 05, 2015

Think about it – no customer comes to you expressly to be dissatisfied – ‘satisfaction’ is a most basic minimum expectation. And so, if you as a firm are planning programs in 2015 to establish just satisfaction, then I’d say you might need to think again; because that is as good as having a plan to merely not dissatisfy.

A Strategy between the Gap and the Result

Posted by: Jaisundar Venkat | November 26, 2014

In a recent strategy commentary in the McKinsey Quarterly titled “Synthesis, capabilities, and overlooked insights: Next frontiers for strategists”, Fred Gluck says strategies always come from one of the three sources – strategic planning, strategic thinking and opportunistic decision making.