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Test Automation – Success Factors

Posted by: Gunasekaran Veerapillai | July 26, 2011

Everyone in the Senior Management echelon with the clients’ organization are convinced that test automation is the preferred way ahead to shrink the test life cycle and that test automation will certainly yield results not only in terms of saving the test execution time, but also considerable effort and cost can be saved through this. But many a times, test automation does not yield the expected results and on an ongoing basis it fails to deliver the cost and effort savings for all the organizations, business units or applications which are automated.

Test Automation vs. Automating Testing

Posted by: Gunasekaran Veerapillai | November 11, 2010

Recently two of my automation team members had a terrific experience of their life with a client. The experience goes as follows – as usual there was a requirement for two good automation developers for a reputed client. Without even clearly clarifying the requirements, we packed off two of our best test automation guys to the US. After reaching there, they came to know that the requirement is to develop a test automation tool for the client – not for automating their test cases. We had to back out from the assignment unceremoniously as we are experts in automating test cases, not in developing a test automation tool.