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Driving Strategy to Execution

Posted by: Gerhard Plenert | January 04, 2013

Successful strategic planning is an elusive goal for many companies. Harvard Business Review puts the ROI of traditional planning at 34% or less, and other studies have pegged the failure rate at 70% and sometimes even as high as 90%.

The Quality Quandary: How to Avoid Quality Chaos

Posted by: Gerhard Plenert | April 06, 2012

The irony about quality is that while most people feel they know a ‘good quality’ product from a ‘bad quality’ product, there’s no agreed-upon definition of the word. If it were possible to come up with a standard definition of quality that would satisfy everyone’s expectations, then defining “optimal quality” would be easy. But identifying a single practical definition of quality is a nightmare-even though entire organizations are dedicated to that purpose. The result is what we call “quality chaos.”