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The Connection between Brands and Consumers

Posted by: Gaurav Singh | July 22, 2010

In the consumer goods industry in the past, interaction between brands and consumers was limited to the physical world and traditional media – a brand ‘connected’ with the consumers through the product or service itself, the logo, the packaging, advertisements in various traditional media (print, radio, TV, outdoor), retail promotions, sales and service associates, call center team and so on. The communication back from consumers (feedback) was also dependent on these carriers and other activities like consumer research and surveys. These interactions between the brand and consumers were relatively limited, occasional and in some case well planned e.g. consumer research. The advent of internet and proliferation of social media changed the way brands connect with the consumers. It’s more spontaneous, more real time, and probably more honest. How does it affect the consumer goods marketers and consumers and what does the future look like? Let’s get into some basics first.