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Addressing Micro moments of needs

Posted by: Gaurav Mittal | November 27, 2017

What is most important for Digital Marketing and Commerce …Is it personalization, convenience or relevancy? The secret is, all of this but not in isolation, they have to come together for a customer in his moments of need. The success of digital channels going forward will be dependent on how well they address the micro moments in a customer journey. Being able to identify not only the right content, but the right moment to engage with customers while they’re most open to being engaged is the most important part of personalized marketing

In-store retailers: Are you pulling in the buck or passing it on

Posted by: Gaurav Mittal | May 21, 2015

According to the latest available data, 71% of customers are expecting to view the in-store inventory online, and 50% would like to buy online and pick-up from store. According to another set of data, more than half (55%) of shoppers

The Changing Face of Retail: Need for Integration

Posted by: Gaurav Mittal | November 13, 2013

Last month, a friend was looking to buy a mobile phone, and casually mentioned this on his social network. He was amazed by the response. He received opinions, links to sites that reviewed products, and even reviews of retailers who sold mobile phones.

Can Technology Change the Way You Shop?

Posted by: Gaurav Mittal | August 08, 2013

You book movie tickets online. You buy pizza at the click of your mouse. Before you buy that dress you just tried; you quickly check on your smartphone if you are getting a better deal on it. You check the online reviews and ratings of a restaurant before booking a dinner table. Before buying any gadget you take opinions of experts on various social forums. And if all this was not enough, now you have apps to keep your weekly grocery list up to date and you just click to order your onions, tomatoes, eggs, bread and butter!