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Customer Support Management on Social CRM Platform

Posted by: Dhananjay Barve | January 08, 2011

The explosion of social media has changed the business-to-consumer landscape. A couple of points will elucidate this fact. 34% bloggers post opinions on brands and products on their blogs and 78% consumers believe them. It’s a fact that Facebook knows more about your customers than you do. So, what are you doing about it? If customers are talking about your brand on social networks, shouldn’t you be listening to them carefully?

Future trends and direction of social CRM

Posted by: Dhananjay Barve | November 30, 2010

As social media continues to grow and make the world smaller and more interconnected, it will continue to have an impact on CRM and give it a far more social form. There will be advances in related technologies, tools and applications making social CRM far more effective and easier to track.