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A winning approach to adopting Artificial Intelligence in enterprise business processes

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | February 27, 2018

The fact that AI is gaining steam and being leveraged by diverse organizations to create new business models cannot be disputed.

How to plug leakages in your Procure to Pay - Part 2

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | June 20, 2016

In my last blog , I spoke about the magnitude of damage P2P fraud can cause to the organization and the need to address the problem with a different mindset with a more data driven approach.

How to plug leakages in your Procure to Pay? (Part 1)

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | January 26, 2016

The Procure to Pay (P2P) process does not often get as much focus as it merits in the organization’s overall risk landscape – especially for organizations with significant supply chains (manufacturing, retail etc.). However, the key risks involved are around control failures and can lead to overpayments, discrepancies in rates, poor tracking of payments made vs. goods or services received and finally outright fraud.

Re-inventing Expense Management Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | November 25, 2015

Organizations with large mobile workforce have their employees and back-office teams spending a significant amount of time and effort in claiming reimbursements for their business and other admissible expenses.

Evolution Of Wipro Holmes Anomaly Detection Theme

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | October 30, 2015

We started working on our anomaly detection suite of solutions two years back, with the platform being live at Wipro and our customers for well over a year now.

4 Pivotal Steps In Implementing An Anomaly Detection Platform – Part 2

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | October 26, 2015

In my last blog, I stressed on the importance of understanding and defining the problem before getting on to execution.

4 Pivotal Steps In Implementing An Anomaly Detection Platform – Part 1

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | October 08, 2015

Top concerns for executives today are not just to grow their businesses and outpace competition, but also the threat they could face from incidents of fraud and non-compliance.

Is your marketing spend translating into profitable outcomes?

Posted by: Bhavna Sachar | August 20, 2015

Organizations today are increasingly focused on executing targeted marketing campaigns and majority of them are doing so by leveraging data and by spending excessively on customer analytics. However, a critical area that organizations should emphasize is reconciling of the marketing spend. Not being high on the risk radar,