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“For E&P IT Leaders: An Approach to Capital Spending Justification in Times of Low Oil Prices”

Posted by: Bart Stafford | December 26, 2014

Oil price declines are already impacting capital programs in E&P and will continue to do so for some time as we plunge into the trough of the oil price business cycle. When E&P mega-budget capital program activity is cut, it creates an environment of heavier competition for remaining capital dollars.

IO Program Management Essential 4: Sustainability

Posted by: Bart Stafford | May 05, 2014

My previous post talked of processes but IO programs can fail if they are only focused on the near term. If the program team doesn’t look past implementation or fails to anticipate the activities needed to sustain transformed operations after implementation, the anticipated benefits of the program may very likely fail to materialize or be significantly lesser in degree.

IO Program Management Essential 3: Management Processes

Posted by: Bart Stafford | April 29, 2014

In my earlier posts I have discussed the first two essentials of IO program management. Establishment of management processes is the third essential for delivery of IO program goals.

IO Program Management Essential 2: Stakeholder Engagement

Posted by: Bart Stafford | April 23, 2014

In my earlier post, I talked of Governance – the first essential of IO program management. But who are the stakeholders of an IO program? Understanding the complicated stakeholder landscape—and the stakeholder landscape is inevitably complicated—and managing it effectively is critical to successful program implementation.

IO Program Management: The Four Essential Components

Posted by: Bart Stafford | April 09, 2014

In my last post, I noted that IO programs are by nature quite complex. I’m sure that I will be noting this fact more than once in this blog. It is important to understand that realizing the tremendous business benefits that an integrated operations approach offers requires the management of a high degree of complexity.

Starting the Integrated Operations Conversation

Posted by: Bart Stafford | April 01, 2014

Ah, for the good old days in the oil business, when drilling shallow holes in locations where oil was seeping to the surface was the way it was done. Things were pretty simple then.

IO Program Management Essential 1: Governance

Posted by: Bart Stafford | March 18, 2014

The scope of an IO program can reach from the reservoir to the sales point and include organizational, data and technology elements. Multiple functional areas are impacted, and it is important that strategic direction, design and implementation decisions consider what is best for the overall company and IO objectives, not just one individual group. In order to accomplish this most effectively, a governance function must be part of pre-program planning.