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A Unified Platform for Improved Clinical Outcomes in Operation Room

Posted by: Arpita Banerjee | January 29, 2016

Use of minimal invasive surgeries (MISs) will increase in future due to their many benefits – post-operative recuperation period, improved clinical outcomes, increased health care expenditures in the emerging markets of India and China, higher incidence of lifestyle induced diseases and the rise in demand for medical technology innovations.

How well-managed are your health care outreach initiatives?

Posted by: Arpita Banerjee | January 29, 2016

Various government and non-government bodies organize healthcare camps to create awareness about chronic diseases. They play a crucial role in delivering effective care towards early detection and prevention of such diseases.

Technology and its role in curbing the growth of diabetes

Posted by: Arpita Banerjee | August 26, 2015

Fact is that, in the next ten years, one out of every five diabetic person in the world will be an Indian. A whopping 65 million people have been diagnosed with diabetes in India. There are another 77 million with pre-diabetes with whom if we can detect altered glucose levels early,