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Future-ready organization

Are you ready?

In the second half of the 20th century the world saw more change than in the millennium that preceded it; and the highway to the future is littered with companies that failed to see what was coming (Kodak is one of the most high-profile casualties in recent years). With the future happening faster than ever, a company needs resilience and strategic agility to succeed, and it will need to keep its eye firmly on the advancing horizon.

This FT Executive Dinner Forum sets its sights on two important changes as they come inexorably over that horizon: the increasing volumes of data that are precipitating a massive shake-up of business priorities, as well as producing entirely new ways of doing business; and, the new era workforce – a workforce that is more mobile, includes more women, is getting smaller, and brings with it a very different set of expectations to the workplace.

Taking place on the eve of the World Economic Forum, the FT Davos dinner - now in its 7th year – is considered a must-attend fixture for the WEF elite. Led by the FT's Gillian Tett, the discussion is fast paced and lively.

Discussion topics to include:


  • Can big data really provide compelling answers about the future?
  • Is there too much data and too little intelligence?
  • How do you extract the competitive value hidden in the data you've gathered?
  • How much does it cost, and how risky is it?
  • Do people just get in the way of the data, or do people need to get in the way of the data?


  • What are the workforce innovations driving organisations forwards?
  • What can companies do to win the future talent war?
  • New era employees are bringing with them a new set of expectations to the workplace. How - And should? - these expectations be accommodated?
  • How are shifting global workforce demographics impacting on business?