The infusion of technology into consumers’ lives is leading to a more connected world and, therefore, the emergence of Internet of Things. It has become imperative for retailers to ensure that they provide consumers with seamless and consistent experience across channels. Retailers are enabling their brick-and-mortar stores with intelligence via connected device ecosystem integrated with the store operations and infrastructure.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Product Engineering Service for retailers work to:

  • Enable omni-channel journey by integrating all Points of Service
  • Enable real-time customer engagement and in-store marketing for higher conversion rates
  • Empower store associates with connected devices like tablets
  • Minimize post-deployment defects and reduce total cost of ownership of products through product/service testing
  • Integrate devices and networks to improve workflow, increase productivity and lower operating costs

As a world leader in Product Engineering and R&D Services, we help you deploy and control a new wave of Retail experiences through our design, engineering and manufacturing solutions.


We offer an array of services specifically designed for today's Retail product and services industry requirements. These include:

  • Mobile Point of Sale in partnership with Toshiba
  • Customer identification, tracking and communication using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
  • Store Associate Enablement with mobiles, tablets and custom devices
  • Digital Shelf Labels to ensure consistent pricing and faster updates
  • Electronic, mechanical and information technology design capabilities for:
    • Customer POS, kiosk terminals, mobile devices, digital signage and other specialty devices for Retail service
    • New Product Introduction
    • Product Definition and Planning
    • Value Analysis/Value Engineering
    • Maintenance
    • Engineering Change Management
  • Smart energy management solutions for stores and warehousing

Our engineering expertise in Retail spans across wide range of tools, technologies and capabilities such as:

  • Product benchmarking
  • Product re-engineering
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System functionality testing
  • Non-functionality testing like user experience, reliability, security and testing of solutions for industry compliance standards
  • Process optimization
  • Elegant and cost-effective board layout using our EagleWision Design Methodology
  • Alliances with prototype manufacturers
  • A specialized compliance and certification test lab - Tarang