Devices like ATMs and Point of Sale (POS) equipment are using new technologies to create novel functionalities. These are driving changes in the Printers and Self Service Technology (SST) segment. Organizations are increasingly encouraging employees to bring their own devices. They want a seamless experience whether they are printing documents in office network or using cloud storage from home. These new business demands are forcing changes in the Printing industry.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's Printing Services ensure that organizations can:

  • Access the latest Printing devices and features
  • Reduce the cost of Printing
  • Integrate device and workflow environments for outstanding user experience

Our engineering expertise and experience from global engagements with leading print equipment OEMs have helped deliver excellent solutions for today's diverse Printing requirements.


Our imPRINT framework delivers Managed Print Services to printer manufacturers. The flexible, scalable and shared service framework eliminates the need to own a fleet of printers. This reduces cost while ensuring users have access to printers with the latest features.

We understand that Printer and SST device makers are under pressure to deliver integrated solutions with enhanced capabilities (such as device and workflow integration for customizing end user needs). We have developed use-case driven integrated solutions for Printing and Imaging Devices, POS Terminals, Information Kiosks, ATMs, etc.

The imPRINT solution includes:

  • Managed services for printing, metering, single sign-on and job monitoring
  • Printer-agnostic plug-in components for seamless integration of devices and workflows
  • Embedded Proxy Server, Embedded Proxy Dongle, Enterprise Proxy Server, and Desktop Proxy Agent for customizable ability to connect existing fleet of printers using Web and Cloud platforms
  • Adding new features after deployment allowing you to manage your infrastructure and control costs in the future
  • Complete printing ecosystem support extending to product end of life