Mobile Devices

Smart Mobile Devices are becoming part of everyday life for managing business and production, leisure and entertainment, law and governance, education and sport. But the tremendous device fragmentation and sheer number of operating systems present a formidable challenge in creating interfaces that are user friendly, systems that work seamlessly across networks and efficiently leverage cloud technologies to ensure services and applications are available in an always-on world.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro's solution offers end-to-end Mobile services including user interfaces, Mobile Device framework development, middleware, integration, testing, adaptation and certification enabling you to:

  • Create intuitive and superior user experiences through user-friendly systems, interfaces and applications
  • Leverage new spectrum bands and operating systems
  • Deliver content securely to meet consumer and enterprise needs

Our solution addresses the complete mobile ecosystem of Tier 1 semiconductor vendors, handset OEMs, telecom and mobile service providers, content providers and mobile application service providers. It helps increase productivity and lowers management costs.


  • User experience engineering, cross-platform development using HTML5 and SDK
  • Build and integrate Mobile 2.0 applications, cloud applications for businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C)
  • Applications development and engineering across platforms like iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
  • Applications integration with M2M devices for value-added services
  • Device assurance, integration of VAS applications and creation of differentiating operator applications for new devices
  • Design, development of reference framework and porting of board support packages for semiconductor companies


  • Applications and client development for social networking, content download, cloud services, location-based services, telephony and connectivity, messaging, email and instant messaging, camera and multimedia, and games
  • User interface, integration and verification of application software
  • Operator specific phone software customization