Smart TV Solutions

The Digital Television (DTV)/Set Top Box (STB) market is witnessing a healthy growth and demand is increasing over the years. STB is now a key device for digitized homes and STB manufacturers and operators are under pressure to keep their customers satisfied. They need to innovate to deliver content in multiple formats and with a variety of customer-centric services while maintaining ROI.

Components of the solution

With more than a decade of experience in broadcast and Internet convergence products, Wipro has been delivering Smart TV products based on Linux, Android TV and Reference Design Kit (RDK) platforms to customers. Our solutions include:

Product realization for TV/STBs

Competency and Differentiating Elements

Wipro brings over 12 years of experience in the global consumer electronics domain with 30-plus licenses and 20-plus clients across the US, Europe and Japan. We have delivered DTV Stacks for North America (ATSC), Europe (DVB T/T2/C/S/S2, MHEG 5/HD, CI Plus, PVR, HbbTV), China (DTMB), and Japan (ISDB T/S/C). We also offer off-the-shelf DTV standards-based solutions for TV/ STB manufacturers.

Our solutions offer:

  • Standards-based solutions (including off-the-shelf solutions)
  • Reliable product quality assured by our Android Centre of Excellence and Broadcast Lab
  • Portability across multiple hardware platforms with minimum effort
  • Design and engineering for a wide range of product segments DTV, STB, Hybrid STB, iDTV, Connected TV, Smart TV, HD-DVR and In-car TV


  • Wide portfolio for global DTV solutions:
    • Smart TV Ready Solutions: For North America, Europe, Asia (Japan, China and Australia), Africa and LATAM markets
    • Platform Agnostic: Availability of common hardware/operating system abstraction layer (HAL/OSAL) across stacks will enable easy porting across platforms
    • Integrated Solutions: These are for next generation TV/ STB markets such as PVR, MHEG-5 and extensions, CI Plus, HbbTV etc
  • Expertise in Linux, Android TV and RDK integration:
    • Ready Solutions: For Linux, Android TV and RDK, integrated on Wipro reference platform
    • Proven Architecture: For Android TV integration and many multi-app frameworks along with reuse software
  • One stop shop for DTV solution designs:
    • Turnkey Solution Realization: DTV Middleware software, Customization/ Engineering Services and System Integration
    • Scalable Support: Development and testing teams for any requirement and for different geographies
    • Experienced Team: Worked with ecosystem players OEMs, ODMs and third-party OTT service providers
  • Compliancy ready and future proof:
    • Tested and Validated: Extensive test and validation on reference platforms from key market players with relevant industry standard pre certification test suites
    • Compliance Tests: Investments made in a wide range of suites to ensure compliance with specifications for product realization
  • Rapid product development
    • Scalable Design: With provision to extend for PVR etc
    • Modular Architecture: Allows easy integration on any set top box or iDTV design
    • Easy Portability: Hardware and operating system abstraction layers (HAL, OSAL) enabling portability
    • UI Development: PC tools or embedded UI tool kit for quick development