Multi – Screen Solution

Video viewing habits have changed in the past few years. There is demand for video content on multiple devices such as tablets, smart phones and PCs apart from traditional television sets with cable and satellite set top box. An explosion of over-the-air and Video on Demand (VoD) services is posing additional challenges for service providers who need to deliver a seamless, personalized and differentiated video experience on multiple screens. 

Solution Components

Personalization as Cloud Service (PaaCS): Operators can create personalized experience for consumers across multiple devices through personal profiles. The PaaCS framework can be integrated with operator backend systems with minimum overhaul thereby reducing the complexity of the new infrastructure.

Key Features:

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

  • Subscriber/Service/Device Combination
  • Rights and Entitlement Management

Cross-device Integration

  • Bookmarking
  • Session Transfer
  • Content Listing
  • Favorites
  • Content Purchase

Backend Integration

  • Service Delivery Platform (SDP)
  • Operations Support System (OSS)/ Business Support Systems (BSS)
  • Subscription/Account Management
  • Rights Management

Social Integration

  • Single persona across networks
  • Cross device recommendations

Cloud Digital Video Recording (DVR): Wipro's Cloud DVR solution enables anywhere, anytime recording for managed and unmanaged devices on managed and unmanaged networks with minimum overhaul of existing operator infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Cloud based recorder and scheduler engine performing scheduling and recording on cloud or remote devices
  • Integrates with PaaCS to enable persona-based schedule view/record across device profiles
  • Enables remote Digital Video Recording, multi room Digital Video Recording (rDVR, mrDVR)

Smart Diagnostics: Wipro's intelligent fault processing solution, Smart Diagnostics helps service providers proactively monitor system health. This is done by providing an end-to-end view of the system using a central dashboard. This is a device agnostic framework aimed at ensuring that enterprises improve response time by automating fault correction.

Refer to image below for viewing Wipro's Smart Diagnostic Framework for fault processing.


Competency and Differentiating Elements

Wipro's Multiscreen Solutions enable service providers to:

  • Deliver a unique and personal video experience to consumers
  • Manage digital business rights, accounts, authorization/ authentication and social integration on shared platforms
  • Ensure anytime, anywhere delivery of content and services

Key benefits

Personalization as Cloud Service:

  • User persona mapping across devices, accounts, subscriptions and entitlements in the cloud
  • Enables VoD, recorded assets and interactive services applications across multiple device form factors
  • Smooth integration with operator backbone and Service Delivery Platform through standards based abstraction interface
  • Shared services platform to manage digital business rights, accounts, user rights, payments and permissions
  • Social TV integration through "Friend" persona relationships
  • No major overhaul of existing operator video infrastructure

Cloud Digital Video Recording:

  • Customizable solutions based on a common core solution
  • Device agnostic common core with device specific adaptations
  • Well defined abstraction and interfaces to shield off from operator specifics
  • Scalability for supporting a multitude of custom-made solutions

Smart Diagnostics:

  • Proactively monitors fault scenarios across subsystems and initiates correction
  • Extensible, scalable architecture promoting easy adoption of the diagnostics framework
    • Thin adaptation layer to facilitate smoother, faster migration for existing systems
    • Can interconnect with existing Enterprise Service Bus as well