Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment market is going through a rapid change bringing with it new opportunities. Content consumption has increased across devices – from mobile to television sets inside cars that receive content from multiple sources, including broadcast and interactive Internet applications. Innovations and disruptions such as display technology, pervasive connectivity, mobility and device form factors combined with convergence and lifestyle changes are shaping consumer choices. Consumers are demanding better interaction between the devices to exchange information quickly.

How Wipro Helps

Wipro functions at the center of the rapidly-changing Media & Entertainment eco-system assisting customers stay ahead by:

  • Ensuring content compatibility across platforms, operating systems and networks
  • Creating smart systems and value added services for enhanced user experience
  • Accelerating new design and product development for faster go to market

With vast experience in broadcast and Internet convergence products, we have been helping customers in development of smart TV/STB solutions based on Android and Linux platforms for US, Europe, Japan, Brazil and China markets.

Value proposition

We provide engineering services and solutions to original equipment and design manufacturers, semiconductor companies and technology providers, to develop next generation consumer electronics devices. We also enable service providers and operators to deliver value-added services such as multi-screen TV viewing, video-on-demand, digital video recording, games, multi-language subtitles, news/weather and other information to enhance customer experience.